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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Metropolitan Police History - Porters & Charwomen

Albert E. PIESSE was born in the mid 1860s of Hungarian descent. There was nothing special about Albert he was just a normal run-of-the-mill labourer trying to earn a living in Victorian London. He married in 1892 and then came a lot of hungry mouths which needed feeding. Albert was one of the lucky ones for he managed to gain a position with the Metropolitan Police. The Receiver’s Office employed him as a Coal Porter and no doubt his labours contributed much to the warmth of the world famous New Scotland Yard.

Albert retired in July 1928 and his pension is meticulously recorded within the ledgers. He received a pension of £26 0sh 4d, a supplementary pension of £17 9sh 3d and an additional allowance of £102 15sh 6d.

Albert drew his pension for nine years before he died in 1937.

So please do not think that just because your ancestor was not a high ranking Superintendent – or even a humble Constable – that nothing will be found. You will never know what might be available if you don’t enquire. I have a multitude of snippets just waiting to be asked for - including details of quite a few charwomen !

If you would like some help with your Metropolitan Police Research I can be reached on the following e-mail address (you will need to type it into your e-mail as this is not a direct link)

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